How to Set up a Home Gym: 5 Tools That Cannot Be Missing

Can’t you go to the gym as much as you want? Today, this is no longer a problem. With little money and lots of ideas you can easily set up your gym at home to keep your training program constant and do all the exercises to keep your body trained. And, given not to be underestimated, with home fitness you can also save money on joining the gym as well as having the opportunity to train when you prefer. From basic tools such as rubber mats, fitballs, elastic cables, dumbbells, weights, barbells, steps, discs, kettlebells and pull-up bars, to the machines that you find in every gym, everything is now easily available online. Creating a home gym is therefore very simple. And here you will find in detail what are the tools that can not miss in your home gym.

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In setting up our home gym, we cannot fail to start from the most common and used cardiovascular training machine, namely the treadmill. This machine allows you to run and walk even within the home and, therefore, to carry out those physical exercises that allow you to burn more calories and fat, train and tone legs, buttocks and calves, activate blood circulation, and improve heart efficiency.

There are two types of treadmills on the market: electric and magnetic. The difference lies in the fact that to activate the conveyor belt the first uses electricity while the second uses the movement of the runner (the speed of the belt is decided by two magnets approach and moves away according to the user’s push). Of these products there are many variations that can be purchased online that start from low price ranges (from 150 euros) for the most basic models up to even very high ranges (up to 2,000 euros to be clear) for the more sophisticated models.

Exercise bikes

Another cardio machine that cannot miss in our home gym is the classic exercise bike. Exercising with the exercise bike, always combined with healthy eating and correct posture, has several benefits for our body: in addition to losing weight, disposing of calories, toning and firming the body, it also allows you to stretch the joints, improve the microcirculation (this helps to decrease cellulite), and improve motor capacity by also accelerating blood circulation.

On the market, we find different types of exercise bikes: the chamber bike or vertical exercise bike (with the vertical frame in fact), the horizontal exercise bike with a backrest (particularly suitable for those suffering from lower back pain) and the spin bike (indicated for intense training sessions aerobic). The various models also differ from each other in the braking system which can be electromagnetic (therefore regulated by the bike’s onboard computer) or magnetic (flywheel slowed down thanks to the use of in-line magnets). The exercise bike market is very large and varied with prices ranging from 115 euros for the cheapest models to over 1,000 euros for the much more sophisticated ones.


Let’s move on to another tool that allows you to perform aerobic activities and cardiovascular, respiratory and muscle training, simulating the movement of cross-country skiing. We are talking about the elliptical trainer which has the advantage of training the whole body, in particular legs, thighs, and buttocks, arms, abdomen and back. It is called elliptical precisely because it leads the legs to make an elliptical type movement (circular movement with movement).

There are many models of elliptical trainers for home fitness and they can be of two types: front flywheel (front-drive) or rear flywheel (rear-drive). The first, in addition to offering greater resistance, allows the development of more intensive workouts, while the second gives a more similar feeling to running, has a lower cost and takes up less space. The price ranges from 300 euros for the cheapest models to over 1,200 euros for the most complete models.

Rowing machine

Another valid tool for our home gym is certainly the rowing machine. It is a machine that allows you to develop a complete training program by stimulating almost all the muscles of the body (about 80%) by simulating the act of rowing in the water. The rowing machine is in fact the most complete fitness machine because it makes the thighs, buttocks, abdominals, pectorals, arms, shoulders and back work effectively. There are also many models of rowing machines for home fitness that differ mainly in the type of resistance (the aspect that most influences the quality of the simulation of the oar in the water, the silence, the size, and also the price of the machine).

In fact, there are hydraulic resistance rowers (the simplest and cheapest), air resistance (more realistic experience than the previous one), magnetic resistance (technological evolution of the air one) and water resistance (which is the one more expensive but more faithfully reproduces the feeling of being on a rowboat). For this there is a large gap between the various models in terms of prices with the simplest starting from 200 euros while the more professional ones also exceed 1,000 euros.

Flat, inclined and declined bench

In our home gym you can not miss a bench to perform countless exercises for the upper and lower body. With the bench, in fact, we can perform all those workouts with or without dumbbells, weights and barbell, which allow us to train the abdominals, pectorals, biceps, triceps, shoulder and back muscles, but also glutes, thighs, and legs.

From the flat bench to the inclined one passing through the declined one there are many types of benches that we can buy for our gym. Prices vary from 60 to 150 euros depending on the model chosen. But by spending a few euros more you can buy an adjustable bench that allows you to have the functions of the flat bench, the inclined bench, and the declined bench having only one tool at home instead of three.

Home gym: the importance of furniture

Finally, we will close our short guide with some small tips on home gym furnishings. First of all, try to set it up in a quiet place, possibly isolated from the most experienced rooms in your home. As for the floor of your gym, you should buy rubber panels. To replicate the gym effect, we also recommend that you put a TV or stereo in the room so that you can be distracted while doing the most tedious exercises, but also a wall mirror that can be very useful for understanding if you make mistakes while performing of the exercises.

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