Making a Home Gym: Advice and Recommendations from Professionals

There is no doubt that in the modern world it is often difficult to find time for exercising. Not everyone has the time or can afford to go to the gym. In this perspective, home workouts have become an answer. With the amount of information online, as well as programs and guides, it is more than possible to make the training process effective and resultative. Nevertheless, equipment is a must for efficient workouts. 

For any activity to be successful, the first step would be to determine the goal. Depending on the goal, you will need different equipment. For example, if you have been working out for some time and your goal is to build muscle, then you will need weight: dumbbells, ankle weight, special balls, and barbells. If the objective is to simply stay fit and exercise regularly, a set of light dumbbells will be enough. Moreover, buying resistance bands is going to be a first step in working out at home without expensive equipment. 

As for the basic sports equipment for a home gym, professionals recommend these things:

Sets of Dumbbells

Dumbbells will help with weighing workouts for different purposes starting with losing weight to building up muscle. A basic set of dumbbells is a must for any home gym.

Barbells and Ankle Weights

These two will also be a powerful tool in a home gym. Ankle weights are widely used in functional training and aerobic exercises to increase the pressure on the muscles. Barbells will be a perfect choice for such exercises as squats, deadlift, and lunges. 

Running Track

If we are talking about an advanced home gym that will be a real substitute for the regular one, running track will be a good choice. Professionals argue that cardio should be a part of any workout: 5 minutes in the beginning and 20 minutes in the end. It is a good addition to a weight workout and a perfect way of burning more calories. 

Squat Rack

Another item that will be a good purchase while setting up a good home gym is a squat rack. The majority of trainers agree that there is no substitute for working-out with weight. In this perspective, squats with weights is an important exercise. A squat rack combined with a barbell will make the process effective and convenient. 

Weight Plates

Considering the fact that you will build up strength and stamina as your workout progress, it is important to increase the intensity to avoid a plateau. Adding weight plates will be a good option while doing squats. Moreover, it will be cheaper to buy a set of weight plates, than new dumbbells.

To sum everything up, creating a good substitute for a real gym is more than possible. It will indeed be expensive, but as we have already said, there is no need for expensive equipment to start. But a set of dumbbells and resistance bands and go from there. 

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